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Helpful tips for keeping tile flooring clean

Tile requires little work beyond routine cleaning. Altimate Flooring in Rapid City is a tile shop that offers a wide variety of tile flooring and advice on how to preserve your floor's brand-new look. Follow our advice, and your floor will still look great decades from now!

Use doormats

Keeping dirt off the floor is the 'name of the game' since dirt causes the tile to lose its finish over time. Place doormats inside and outside your home to keep your floor clean. Anti-slip nylon and polypropylene doormats with rubber backing work well and are long-lasting.

Sweep regularly

Vacuum or sweep floor tile daily to remove pet hair, dust, crumbs, and other debris. A cordless stick vacuum cleaner is convenient and efficient, or choose an always-reliable broom. Look for a broom that has a removable head, an extendable handle, and flexible bristles.

Mop up spills immediately

Most stains can be removed from the tile, but it's better to promptly clean up spills to keep them from setting into the tile and creating a stain. Dark-colored liquids, in particular, can stain the tile, especially the grout in between. Blot spill with a cloth first, and then clean thoroughly.

Wet mop every week

Your floor tile will 'shine' if you wet it weekly with a microfiber mop, warm water, and tile cleaner solution, along with a plain water rinse. A high-pressure steam cleaner is a great alternative and scrub or replace grout to maintain a like-new tile flooring look.

Your tile flooring headquarters

Family-owned Altimate Flooring offers many services, including residential floor tile installation, in South Dakota communities like Box Elder, Keystone, Crazy Horse, Custer, Hot Springs, Sturgis, Deadwood, Spearfish, and New Underwood.

Please stop by our tile store in Rapid City today to shop for new tile or find the products you need to keep your tile floor clean.