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What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

If you have decided on tile flooring for your kitchen or remodel your bathroom, you'll find it a hard-surface material to beat for durability and style. But, thanks to tile variety, you have unlimited options. Whatever type of tile that you choose, Altimate Flooring is here to answer all of your questions about tile.


Ceramic and porcelain are very similar in appearance and function. Therefore, some homeowners may think they have bought the same product when they buy ceramic over porcelain. However, there are differences between ceramic and porcelain that may lead you to choose one over the other. Be sure to speak to our staff about your questions about the differences to help you choose the right tile for your home.


Ceramic clay is a unique clay that has feldspar and sand in it. This clay is heated in special heating apparatus called kilns to harden it and make it dense. The majority of ceramic clay tiles are neutral in color and of a standard size. You can have unique designs and colors added to the tile. Ceramic is a porous material and will absorb water until it is glazed over. Then it becomes waterproof. It is easier to cut than porcelain, reducing the amount of installation time.


Kaolin clay is the clay that makes up porcelain. It is still considered a ceramic material, though. It, too, like ceramic, is heated in a kiln but at higher temperatures. This makes it more dense than ceramic and naturally resistant to all water. Porcelain can stand up to high foot traffic and is highly resistant to scratches and scuffs. Since it is a higher quality product, it can be more expensive than ceramic. It has many colorful designs that are available for your choosing.

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